SANS Belgium Community Night

Our first blog post!

As previously announced, we were organizing our SANS Community Night last week Thursday in the Brussels NH Hotel (Sablon). After a busy day of SANS courses (Pieter and Erik lectured the SEC 542 class), it was time for NVISO to take the stage at 18:00.

Given the timing of the event, we decided to satisfy the participants’ hunger with food and drinks! The intellectual hunger was also satisfied by a pleasant exchange of thoughts with like-minded people. 

Although an informal discussion with information security people (joined by a cold beer) is always interesting, we also took the opportunity to present two topics we have been working on:

An introduction to our Android malware research” (by Daan Raman)

In our first presentation, Daan discussed some of the mobile malware trends from 2012. Daan also introduced APKScan, an online service we are currently developing to facilitate automated malware analysis of Android applications in a distributed way. 

Please note that the presentation, in its original format, is heavy on animations. If you are interested in the full slide deck, please contact us directly at

Patching your employee’s brain” (by Pieter Danhieux)

In our second presentation, Pieter Danhieux discussed the human element in information security. His non-technical presentation provided attendees with context and examples on why humans are prone to cyber attacks and outlined an approach on how humans can be educated to change their default “insecure” behavior/culture.

All in all, it was an interesting night for us and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves and took the opportunity to exchange thoughts with other infosec professionals!

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