One more year, on the way to… where?

A secret location.. A scavenger hunt to find it. Following the tradition, that’s how our teambuilding weekend (offsite) starts. |  

On D-day, at 8h30 we needed to be at the office to start our hunt, and only then we could get our first official clue: a QR code. This allowed us to download an app, which contained a scavenger hunt via which we could find the secret location of the offsite. The first challenge was to find some passwords, lucky for us we already found those passwords in an email which was sent few weeks before with information on the offsite.. 

Someone noticed that the picture in the email contained some interesting strings and this led to the first password. The second one was just some text hidden in not so plain sight and from there on, trouble started.|As always, our colleagues also like to troll each other, and some team members had been planting fake clues the previous weeks. What was a real hint and what just “friendly” trolling?


Long story short: after many fake clues, a long driving through Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany (thanks, trolls!) and solving challenges on general culture, schlager music, beer knowledge and digging up information on some colleagues, we ended up in our final location: a huge house in the middle of the Ardennes.

Arrived at the location we found that the table was already set for lunch, the pool open to splash, a sauna not too far away and a bunch of really fun VR sets to play aroundwith.|More challenges, anyone? Of course! Let’s play! Why not a team-wide Gotcha? Just to keep the competitiveness high..


After everyones bellies were filled, we could hang around and work in teams on Shark Tank ideas.. The Shark Tank is a key part of every NVISO offsite..|It is a space where we work on new ideas, and how we believe we should evolve as a company.. It is a great opportunity for the whole team to have a constructive discussion, and contribute to shape NVISO the way we want it to be.

This year we worked on our core values (We care; We are proud, We break barriers and No Bullshit), and how those should reflect in our relations with employees, clients and society. Some fantastic ideas came out of the Shark Tank, and we will be working on them over coming months.|It is not about which idea “wins”, but what we all “win” as a team from all the good ideas we put together.

Of course, the other big goal of the offsite is bonding with our colleagues.|And we also had plenty of time for that. One month ago we all received a mail asking to subscribe to one topic, under the mysterious titles of #Fast, #High and #Relaxing.. Behind those cryptic names hid a karting morning in Francorchamps (really fun and challenging in the rain!), skydiving and a full luxury pass for Spa Thermes. 


Sadly, due to the weather, those of us who chose for #High could not jump.. But no complains! Our No Bullshit value in place. We will just postpone our fun, and we will take our leaps some other weekend this summer. |

But of course, we all know the best bonding happens over a beer (Belgian, as ourselves!). Nothing breaks barriers as a nice party, and that was the perfect final for our event! For everybody’s sake we will keep the pictures of those private. Let’s only say that there were lots of fun, and perfectly wrapped up two great days with the whole NVISO team under the same roof. 

And talking about scavenger hunts, were you able to find 3 passwords in this blog post?   

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