Keep on running ahead: NVISO’s Training Program

NVISO is a pure-play specialist in cyber security: with specialists in every area of cyber security, we do everything cyber security and only cyber security. We are known for our customer dedication and our reputation for expertise.

Therefore, when you work for NVISO, we invest heavily in your personal development: to ensure you reach your full potential as a top class cyber security specialist. Expectations are high, but we equip you with the tools, know-how and the faith in your own skills to reach that high standard and guarantee the client’s satisfaction.

We value your personal growth 

Technology and cyber security are changing fast, but thanks to NVISO’s comprehensive training programme, we make sure that you are confident and always ahead of the game. At NVISO we have created a strong learning climate which we have formalised by offering all employees a training budget of 10 000 euros and 10 mandays for every two years. 

Continuous learning through online training platforms 

How to spend that training budget wisely? Well, first of all, NVISO encourages continuous growth by offering employees access to various online training platforms. These platforms challenge you to take your cyber security skills to a next level in a hands-on, gamified and close-to-real-life environment. This way, we keep learning at NVISO practical and engaging.

Hack The Box offers a gigantic pool of virtual penetration testing labs and pro labs setup which simulate a fictional company environment to infiltrate. This allows you to level up your penetration testing and offensive engagement skills, keeping you up to date on the latest attack paths and exploit techniques. 

Hack The Box is where it all started for me in the field of infosec. The main question people usually have about hacking is: “Where do I begin?”. For me, that was also a very difficult question to answer.

Until I came across Hack The Box. Slowly working through retired boxes using walkthrough videos from experienced people like Ippsec allowed me to build a solid base in a wide range of technologies. From there on, moving on to more advanced boxes and eventually pro labs, which simulate a real-life active directory network, was the icing on the cake for me. Furthermore, the platform keeps on growing and continuously adds new features!

At NVISO, we decided to get more out of Hack The Box by holding “Hack for pizza  Nights”. Every other Tuesday, we order food, get some beers, and gather in a group session to crack one or more boxes as a team in our own dedicated lab environment. These game nights allow everyone to learn new techniques and to have some fun with colleagues. Furthermore, NVISO provides new team members access to the Hack The Box Academy, in which they  complete modules and follow tracks focused on a specific topic (e.g. Active Directory, Web pentesting, Cryptography…). This way, new NVISO-members build a strong knowledge base in these subjects.

Firat Acar (Consultant, NVISO Germany)

Secure Code Warrior brings a gamified approach to secure coding. It provides an engaging platform for identifying vulnerabilities inside various coding languages and fixing them. This empowers you to understand the struggles of developers during assessment-driven and threat modelling projects.

Immersive Labs offers– red team or blue team – challenges that place you within real-life cybersecurity scenarios, to keep you in touch with the latest tools and attack techniques. By solving each challenge, you become better prepared to tackle emerging cyber security threats.

We keep learning fun

Learning at NVISO is not only engaging, we keep it fun as well. Every other Tuesday (unless the current regulations dictate otherwise of course), we gather up for our “hack for pizza nights”. During these game nights, we enjoy pizza and beers and hack some boxes together.

In addition, we’re always excited for a good old game of “capture the flag”. In these competitions organized by Hack The Box, we compete with other teams to solve a number of challenges in order to collect flags. The team that collects the most flags the fastest, wins the competition. One of the most fun and engaging ways to enhance your cyber security skills.

SANS Institute: A unique learning opportunity 

NVISO trainings budget also gives you the unique opportunity to participate in the highly renowned SANS-courses. These high-quality and trusted training courses will empower you with the practical skills and knowledge you need to become a top cyber security expert in your area of expertise. Maybe you will meet one of your colleagues in front of the classroom, as the NVISO staff counts several SANS Institute senior instructors and course authors amongst them, who share their expertise with the cyber security world.

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