As one of the only EU-based Cyber Security companies, NVISO successfully participated in a first-of-its-kind, MITRE-led, evaluation of Managed Security Services (MSS).

MITRE Evaluation Graphic

The inaugural MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK® Evaluations for Managed Security Services ran in June 2022 and its results have been published today. NVISO performed excellently in the evaluation, demonstrating services that are at or above the level of traditional titans of the industry.

During this evaluation, NVISO was tested on its ability to detect and report advanced attacks that were executed by the MITRE team.

“The tests were simulating real-life scenarios in which only detection and reporting was evaluated – we were not allowed to block or respond to any attacks”, says Erik Van Buggenhout, Partner, responsible for Managed Security Services at NVISO. A test environment was set up in which participants would deploy their tools and detection services.

“NVISO chose to deploy Palo Alto’s Cortex XDR – an XDR tool that integrates seamlessly into our service and client environments. The combination of XDR with our NITRO automation platform and NVISO world-class expertise ensures that our Managed Detection and Response service is top notch and future-proof. While we have always believed in our own strategy, we are excited and proud to receive MITRE’s external and independent validation of the outstanding quality of our services.”, Erik says.

NVISO was one of the only EU-based Cyber Security companies participating in this elite evaluation. “NVISO is a true European Cyber Security company, which is reflected well in its mission: to safeguard the foundations of European society from cyber attacks”, says Maxim Deweerdt, head of MSS presales at NVISO.

NVISO was founded in 2013 in Belgium, has since offered services to large and mid-sized customers in almost 20 countries, mostly in Europe. NVISO has offices in Brussels, Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna and Athens. “The way NVISO approaches Managed Detection and Response is typical for our company: we challenge the status-quo and provide an innovative approach driven by our expertise and long experience in cyber defense”, Maxim says, “This evaluation has highlighted and validated our approach, and confirms the positive feedback we receive from customers”.

More information about the evaluation and NVISO’s services can be found here: https://mitre.nviso.eu


MITRE Engenuity is a US nonprofit organization launched in 2019 “to collaborate with the private sector on solving industry-wide problems with cyber defense” in collaboration with corporate partners. They are most known in the Cyber Security world for their work on the ATT&CK® framework, which is a global knowledge base of threat activity, techniques and models. ATT&CK® framework is used by almost every vendor and provider in the Cyber Defense industry.



NVISO is a pure-play Cyber Security company founded in 2013 in Brussels by 5 ex-Big four managers. They always had an itch to do things differently (and better), decided to start their own company and with a strong mission: to safeguard the foundations of European society from cyber attacks. NVISO currently employs about 200 people and has offices in Brussels, Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna and Athens. NVISO is rapidly expanding into other countries and has an aggressive growth strategy for the next years. NVISO has customers in 20+ countries, primarily the Finance, Government, Defense, and Technology sectors.



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