One more year, on the way to… where?

A secret¬†location..¬†A scavenger hunt to find it.¬†Following the¬†tradition, that‚Äôs how our teambuilding weekend (offsite) starts.¬†|¬†¬† On D-day, at 8h30 we needed to be at the office¬†to start our hunt, and only¬†then¬†we could get our first¬†official¬†clue: a QR code. This allowed us to download an app, which contained a scavenger hunt via which we could find […]

Stalking a reporter – behind the scenes!

Introduction Around mid-October we got a call from a reporter working on an article covering online privacy and social media. Rather than writing about others, the reporter wanted to have his own story. So, he asked NVISO to research him on-line, and find out as much as possible about him! Of-course, after agreeing on some […]