A checklist to populate your Acceptable Use Policy

In our previous blogpost, we discussed how to take some of the dust off your Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) or IT security code of conduct, making it a bit more user friendly and educational. Now, we’re giving you a sort of checklist of the topics to discuss in a typical AUP, based on the table […]

Three tips for a better IT Acceptable Use Policy

Writing an Acceptable Use Policy sounds simple. Until you get started. We’ve all heard about users being the weakest link and the source of all cyber evil. I can understand the frustration of some of my cyber colleagues, but we’ve designed complex technology and expect them to use it perfectly – are we being reasonable? […]

Working from home: tell staff about phishing & data leakage [template e-mails included]

Source: gcn.com It comes as no surprize to us, as security professionals, that hackers have been exploiting the COVID-19 situation in a series of Corona-themed scams – take this recent message from Interpol, for example. With the progressive (or not) implementation of lock down-like restrictions across the world, companies are turning to remote working to […]