NVISO at BruCON 2013

Before anything else, we want to thank everyone that joined us at BruCON. We hope everyone enjoyed the conference as much as we did!

Although we have a lot of faith in the team that developed our technical challenge, we did not anticipate such a turnout! Over the two days, more than 50 BruCON participants gave our security challenge a try. We will be posting additional background on the challenge in a follow-up blog post, but here is already the final top 4 (winners of a Raspberry Pi):
  • Jerome Kleinen
  • Sean de Regge
  • Yvan Janssens
  • Fernando Rocha
We don’t want to bore you out with too many words, so we’ll just show you the best NVISO event pictures:

The technical security team getting the booth up and running 😉
Ready for action

Running the booth

Running the booth

Trying to crack that lock…

Winner of the technical security challenge (left)
Winner of the physical security challenge (right)
Announcing the Top 4 of our technical challenge!

Thanks again for your attendance and we hope to see you next year!

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