The Key Role of the Service Delivery Manager at NVISO’s Managed Detect & Respond Service

The Service Delivery Manager (SDM) plays a key role in the delivery of our NVISO cybersecurity NITRO Managed Detect & Respond (MDR) services. As the main point of contact, we represent the client at NVISO and represent NVISO at the client. During the operational lifecycle of a contract, my fellow SDMs and I are responsible for the quality of the cybersecurity services delivered and we ensure an efficient relationship and coordination between the customer and the various NVISO internal departments engaged in the delivery of these services.

NVISO’s NITRO Managed Detect & Respond Service

The NITRO Platform is at the heart of NVISO Managed Services’ offering. The platform is built to support Security Operations, integrating a variety of security technologies to enable efficient orchestration, automation, and response.

Overview of services provided within the NITRO Platform

As part of the NITRO Platform, NVISO has created an MDR service where we combine the latest technology with the best cyber security experts in Europe in order to respond to the many cyber challenges that enterprises encounter.

The automations, part of the NITRO platform, combined with the in-depth analysis from our security experts result in an effective and efficient MDR service providing our customers triaged incidents with clear actions and recommendations.

In addition, in case of any critical incidents that require an emergency response, our clients can request the intervention of NVISO’s 24/7 Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT). The CSIRT team can provide in-depth technical services and on-site crisis management support in order to handle any high-severity incidents.

More information on the MDR service provided by NVISO can be found here.

NVISO’s customer dedication and strong reputation

Our customers value NVISO for its client commitment and recognise our strong reputation on providing in-depth technical expertise. As a strongly client-facing role, my fellow SDMs and I build trustworthy relationships with our customers and we understand their business environment and unique requirements. We ensure all contractually agreed services are smoothly and seamlessly delivered and we ensure clients’ requests are handled in an efficient and timely manner.

For clients of the SDM service, we organise monthly and strategic quarterly service delivery meetings including, amongst other, a detailed status report of security events and incidents handled in the reporting period, an analysis of the SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and overall scope of service. We also discuss any open action items and provide an overview of new engineering features and developments.

Client Portal

Whilst an overview of events and cases is presented to the client on a monthly and quarterly basis, clients can also use the NITRO Client portal to obtain their MDR data in real time.

Clients can access the platform at any time and choose the timeframe that they prefer. They can then start navigating through their events and security cases, which are also visually represented through graphs and charts. 

Dashboard of the NVISO NITRO Client Portal

The platform was developed in-house by NVISO engineers, and it is continuously improved with new features.

The Service Delivery Manager makes a difference in the service

Having a Service Delivery Manager is a great advantage which has a positive impact on the service received by our customers. The SDM is responsible to drive service delivery and problem resolution,  she/he represents the client’s business, and ensures all is delivered on time and within scope. As a consequence, the clients feel confident that the service is provided at the highest quality standards and that their requests are being heard. For NVISO, client satisfaction is a priority. Therefore, we always strive to build out solid processes to ensure that satisfaction is as high as possible.

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Maria Rita Milanese
Maria Rita Milanese

Maria Rita Milanese is a Senior Cybersecurity Consultant working as Project Manager & Service Delivery Manager at NVISO in the CSIRT&SOC Department.

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