NVISO and QuoIntelligence Announce Strategic Cooperation

We are pleased to announce that we have created a unique approach with QuoIntelligence GmbH in responding to the TIBER-EU testing. Using our approach, we combine both passive threat intelligence gathering and active offensive red team testing as one seamless experience while remaining independent from each other.   The TIBER-EU Framework, More Critical Now Than Ever  […]

Epic Manchego – atypical maldoc delivery brings flurry of infostealers

In July 2020, NVISO detected a set of malicious Excel documents, also known as “maldocs”, that deliver malware through VBA-activated spreadsheets. While the malicious VBA code and the dropped payloads were something we had seen before, it was the specific way in which the Excel documents themselves were created that caught our attention. The creators […]

Report sightings from Kibana to MISP

Introduction A problem we all face when using threat intelligence data is getting rid of false positives in our data feeds. On the other hand, reporting of true positives is equally important as it allows to increase the level of trust in an indicator. This post describes how you can report false and true positives […]